In a wine bar in Rome on a cold night in January 2001, Craig and Tania MacPhee made a decision. A shared passion for wine drove them to create MacPhee’s wine cellaring specialists.

In the 19 years since, MacPhee’s has been helping industry professionals and individual collectors care for and protect their wine whilst developing a wealth of experience along the way. This has included operating an innovative off-site wine storage facility, a retail boutique specialising in wine accessories, designing and building bespoke wine cellars and curating exclusive wine offers for clients. All with a vision of helping customers maximise their wine enjoyment.

In 2003, MacPhee’s became the been the exclusive distributor of EuroCavein Australia and New Zealand and since then has continued to expand their portfolio of world leading brands, offering clients a wide range of wine cabinets and fridges, wine racking and climate control systems, as well as beautiful quality wine accessories and customised wine services.

MacPhee’s expertise regarding storing, preserving and serving wine as well as vast industry knowledge, means they are able to offer you the very best advice and help you select the best way care for and enjoy your wine collection.

“MacPhee’s is about helping people care for their wine so that they can have ‘magic moments’, those unforgettable drinking experiences. It’s also about giving our customers old fashioned personal attention and taking the time to understand their needs” – Craig MacPhee.

Craig and Tania MacPhee Photo

Craig MacPhee

Cellaring his first serious bottle of wine at fourteen years of age gives you an insight into Craig’s passion for wine. He spent 18 years in the financial services industry, his last role being CEO of Distribution for a major financial services organization. Craig holds a Master of Business Administration (Executive) from the Australian Graduate School of Management (University of NSW and Sydney University).

Craig just couldn’t bring himself to throw that first bottle away. It now lives happily in ‘The Rack’ along with many other treasured empties that clients have added over the years.

Tania MacPhee

Tania MacPhee grew up in the wine business and represents the third generation of her family in the industry. Her parents were distributors for De Bortoli Wines for over 20 years and her grandparents owned and ran wine bars in inner Melbourne in the 1950’s. Receiving her first pay packet from a part-time job in a bottle shop during university studies, Tania invested this wisely and bought a bottle of Grange.

Completing both a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Degree, graduating with distinction, and a Diploma of Financial Planning, Tania worked as a Marketing Strategist for a consultancy firm in Collins Street, Melbourne.

Today, Tania leads the team at EuroCave Australia and specialises in providing technical advice on wine cellars to architects, developers and the construction industry.

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