Building A Wine Cellar For Your Home

If you have a spare room, space under the stairs, or if you are renovating and want to build a cellar, MacPhee’s can work with your builder, architect or designer to ensure that you achieve a cellar that meets your needs and protects your wine. Staff have a wealth of experience in designing bespoke wine cellars and can guide you through the steps as well as assist you in creating custom wine cellar racks.

Before you embark on such a project, it is helpful to understand the likely cost involved so following are some examples of custom wine cellar designs some including custom wine racks that MacPhee’s have created over the past 15 years with a guide on what you can expect to pay.

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Designing or Building a wine cellar

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Designing or Building a Cellar

Example 1 – Wine Cellar at Home

Our brief with this cellar was to design and create a custom cellar in an apartment that reflected our client’s intimate understanding and appreciation of wood. Using solid Tasmanian Oak and high quality craftsmanship, the cellar had to be flexible and maximise the use of space whilst precisely catering to a range of bottle sizes and shapes. Building of a wine cellar required clever design capability, specialist knowledge and expert craftsmanship. All were used to create a completely unique home cellar, custom designed to their needs.

Indicative cost: $40,000 plus

“Dear Craig and Scott I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new wine storage room in our apartment. The plan you devised provides optimal use of the small space, while at the same time being strikingly beautiful. And the quality of the workmanship is excellent. Everyone who has seen it is impressed. I also appreciate that you were doing the fit out in our absence, while other work was being done in the apartment. Despite this, it was delivered on time, as promised. And of course we continue to store some wine with you, and appreciate the friendly service provided by your warehouse staff. Thanks for a job
well done!”

Paul Fowler

Example 2 – Bespoke Cellars under Stairs

MacPhee’s designed, built and installed this climate controlled solid timber home wine cellar under an elaborate staircase in Sydney. Whilst the client was previously storing his wine by the case under this staircase, a number of cases had to be moved each time he needed to locate a particular bottle. MacPhee’s met the client’s request for access to as many individual bottles as possible whilst maximising the use of this unique space, using adjustable storage shelves for individual bottles, bins for multiple bottles and displays for special bottles. A small bench for opening and decanting wine was installed as well as a large roll out shelf at floor level for bulk cases to make use of an awkward angle.

“(We) are absolutely delighted with the end result!”


“Thanks again for everything – (he) was already in the cellar this morning filling it with wine.”

(his wife)

Indicative cost: $30,000 plus

Example 3 – Room Conversion

This client came to MacPhee’s wanting to convert his store room into a climate controlled cellar. The brief was for a secure and functional space for wine storage for around 1500 bottles of wine. The cellar featured climate control equipment, a low cost yet tasteful metal racking system that maximised the client’s wine storage capacity, and correct insulation and door to ensure conditions are maintained.

Indicative cost: $20,000 to $25,000

Example 4 – Above Ground Cellar

As part of a major renovation, MacPhee’s was referred by the client’s architect/builder as specialist consultants for this custom designed cellar. The brief was for a contemporary, state of the art custom designed cellar for a specific and relatively large above ground space. In addition to technical requirements, MacPhee’s provided project expertise, stylish racking and custom lighting to create a more tasteful cellar environment.
Indicative cost: $30,000 plus

Example 5 – Small Custom Wine Cellar in Garage

For this project, MacPhee’s built a cool room complete with climate control and racking in a vacant space in the client’s garage. A self contained cool room was built at the end of a 2 car garage (1 metre deep by 4 metres wide), providing a bulk storage area without too much concern for aesthetics. This type of project can be adapted to any space within a room or storage area.

Indicative cost: $15,000 – $20,000