Compact Underbench Wine Cabinet

Whether you’re a passionate wine collector or natural entertainer, we’ve rounded up some of the top wine fridges from EuroCave that will see your wines ageing beautifully.

Why Buy a Wine Fridge?

There are a few essential environmental conditions needed for wine to mature as the wine maker intended so you can fully appreciate each flavour.

Which is where we come in, let’s discuss why investing in a wine fridge is essential for any wine lover:

  1. Temperature Control: Wine requires specific temperature conditions for aging and preservation including a consistent temperature of 12-140 A wine fridge ensures your bottles are kept at the ideal cellaring temperature, preventing spoilage or deterioration.
  2. Humidity Management: Proper humidity levels are crucial to keep corks from drying out and wine from oxidizing. Wine fridges maintain the right humidity, ensuring the longevity of your collection.
  3. UV Protection: Exposure to light can be harmful to wine. Wine fridges are designed with UV-resistant glass to shield your bottles from damaging light.
  4. Vibration Reduction: Vibrations can disturb the sediments in wine, affecting its quality. Wine fridges are built to minimize vibrations and ensure your wine remains undisturbed.

EuroCave, the original creator of wine cabinets, offers a range of products designed to meet a wine lover’s needs. Let’s explore how to choose the best fridge for your collection.   Here are some of our wine fridge recommendations:

Will you use your wine fridge for cellaring or serving wine?

Most people buy wine fridges for long-term cellaring, in which case all wine should be stored at 12-140C. On the other hand, every wine varietal should be enjoyed at a different drinking temperature.

So, if you want to serve multiple varietals straight from your home wine fridge then look for one that offers multiple temperature zones. A multi-temp fridge refers to a gentle gradation of temperature throughout unit, so you keep your Champagne on the bottom, then move up with Sauvignon Blanc, then Chardonnay and finally your red wine like Pinot Noir and Cabernet closer to the top of the wine cabinet. This will ensure that you can appreciate the flavour of your wines at their best.

Best Wine Fridge for the Entertainer

The best Australian wine fridge for the entertainer is integrated so you can have your bottles close at hand! Compact wine cabinets can be fully integrated into standard kitchen joinery. Select a multi-temp wine fridge to keep wine at ideal drinking temperature. You can grab a bottle and serve guests effortlessly whether you are hosting a casual barbecue, a family dinner, or a grand holiday party.

The Tête à Tête is another fantastic choice with its modern, petite design. It can store 10 wine bottle and preserve two open bottles for up to ten days.

Ready to drink at a moment’s notice!

EuroCave Tete a Tete Wine Cabinet Preserver

Tête à Tête wine cabinet

Best Wine Fridge for the Collector

Contrary to popular belief, all wine varietals need to be cellared at the same temperature –between 12°C – 14°C. This environment allows for gradual and graceful maturation of your wine. All our ranges have cabinets ideal for cellaring wine so deciding on the best wine cabinet for your collection just got easier. If you want the best of the best, then the Royale may be the wine cabinet you’ve been looking for. Features like precision temperature control within 0.5°C, triple glazed glass doors, hygrometry control, and luxurious lighting make the Royale the best wine fridge in the world.

Best Wine Fridge for New Collectors

If you are just starting your wine collection or need a second wine fridge to provide more bottle capacity, then La Premiere is a great choice.  It is a practical wine cabinet with Eurocave’s superior French quality at an affordable price. Multipurpose shelves allow you to choose bottle orientation so you can adapt the cabinet over time to suit your wine collection. One of the best wine refrigerators in Australia balancing quality and cost.

EuroCave La Premiere Two Large Cabinets

La Premiere wine cabinets

Best Wine Fridge for a Large Collection

If you have a large collection of wines, you may want to consider a wine wall! Consider positioning (or building in) two or three of the best wine fridges available side by side, and creating a gorgeous, practical feature in your home. EuroCave Revelation wine fridges are ideal for this with amber surround lighting, seamless glass doors and the option for gorgeous presentation shelves for your best wine bottles. Another great option is Pure wine fridges as both Revelation and Pure ranges can hold up to 234 bottles depending on shelving configuration.

Revelation Cabinet Wall Green

Revelation wine cabinet wall

Best Wine Fridge for a Small Collection

We believe the best wine fridge for a smaller collection is the under bench Compact or Inspiration wine cabinet. They can be fully integrated into your cabinetry with a selection of temperature options. We also have several small wine cabinets (under 1m) that are perfect additions to the home while remaining discreet and functional. Most of these cabinets fit between 29 and 74 wine bottles.

Best Wine Fridge for White Wine

If you are a white wine lover and are looking for a wine cabinet to store your white wines, there are plenty of options to choose from. When white wine is served directly from a kitchen refrigerator it is too cold and doesn’t allow the flavours and aromatics to show their full potential. White wine should be served between 6-10°C. For example, Champagne at 6°C, Sauvignon Blanc at 8°C, and Chardonnay at 10°C.

So, our top wine fridge recommendations for this are the Inspiration (integrated) or Pure wine cabinets (free-standing). However, depending on your other preferences, we can help you find the best cabinet to suit you.

Best Wine Fridge for Red Wine

If you mainly drink red wine, a single temperature wine cabinet is a fantastic choice for you. Red wine varietals should all be served within 14-18°C. Serve your Pinot Noir at 14°C and Cabernet or Shiraz at 18°C.

This temperature can be achieved with any of our wine cabinets. For a stunning glass door finish and oak shelves, the Pure or Revelation range are great wine cabinets to consider.

Cave a champagne Living room

Champagne wine cabinet

Best Wine Fridge for Champagne

If Champagne is your drink of choice, you might want to indulge in a beautiful wine cabinet that is designed specifically for storing and serving Champagne. The Champagne Cabinet shelving has been uniquely designed to suit Champagne bottles, offering superior protection while showcasing your collection with iridescent fascia and Italian leather cladding.

EuroCave Wine Cabinets in Australia offer a range of options to cater to wine lovers of all levels of expertise and budgets. Whether you’re looking for the best home wine fridge, or the most beautiful wine cabinet to display your collection, MacPhee’s has a solution for you. By investing in a EuroCave wine cabinet , you can ensure that your wine collection is stored in optimal conditions, allowing you to savour the flavours and aromas of your wines for years to come. Cheers to finding the perfect wine fridge!

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