MacPhee’s has designed and built bespoke cellars and spaces for 20 years.
Our team of specialists has unrivalled experience working on residential, commercial and hospitality projects including the most complex and revered wine spaces in Australia.

What We Do

Project Management

We can project manage your entire journey. Our team are experts on how to build wine cellars and will create a space that not only looks amazing but protects your wine collection for years to come.

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The most common question we get asked is “how much does it cost to build a wine cellar?” Ultimately, cost is determined by the size of the space, construction materials and fixtures. In our experience it costs at least $40,000 to build a custom climate-controlled wine cellar.

If this is outside of your budget there are other ways to protect and display your wine. You can request a quote so that we can help you find the best solution. Click below to learn more about different types of wine cellar designs.

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Case Studies

What is a Walk-in Cellar?

A climate-controlled walk in room which is designed to cellar wine long term at 12-140C. Provides ultimate flexibility allowing you to customise fit out depending on your priorities whether being to maximise bottle capacity or display collection.

Estimated Cost – From $40k

Contact a consultant about building your own Walk-in Cellar

Outside your budget? – Consider these alternative options:

Wine cabinets provide an excellent cellaring environment and are very efficient on space, holding up to 230+ bottles. To create a feature, build a number of them into joinery. Explore our range of wine cabinets here.

Sometimes clients plan to entertain in their wine cellar. In this case we recommend they consider a wine room instead. This will allow them to mingle in the space with a more comfortable room temperature (not 12-140C).

If you’re not concerned about cellaring your wine longer term, you may create a feature to showcase bottles that is not climate controlled. Explore our range of racking systems here.

What is a Wine Wall?

A narrow climate-controlled space running along a wall typically within a living area. Typically a design feature within the home, designed to display bottles and cellar wine longer term at 12-140C.

Estimated Cost – From $40k

Contact a consultant about building your own Wine Wall

Outside your budget? – Consider these alternative options:

Build a number of wine cabinets into joinery and include presentation shelving to display special bottles. Explore our range of wine cabinets here.

If you’re not concerned about cellaring your wine longer term, you may create a feature to showcase bottles that is not climate controlled. Explore our range of racking systems here.

What is a Wine Room?

An ambient temperature room that includes wine cabinets or a climate-controlled section to protect wine. Usually includes other furniture / seating for entertaining as well as a multi-temperature wine cabinet to keep some bottles at ideal drinking temperature.

Estimated Cost – From $40k

Contact a consultant about building your own Wine Room

Outside your budget? – Consider these alternative options:

Rather than creating an entirely new entertaining space, consider building cabinets into an already established living area. They will protect your collection and look spectacular when built into joinery. Include a combination of cellaring and serving cabinets so that some wine is ready to enjoy at ideal drinking temperature. You can even incorporate a bar area.

Explore our range of wine cabinets here.

What is a Commercial Cellar?

Large scale climate-controlled spaces within high-end multi residential properties, retirement villages and retail developments.
Think luxurious features in highly visible areas, walk in cellars or communal spaces offering residents access to their own lockable wine space.

Estimated Cost – Unlimited

Contact a consultant about building your own Commercial Cellar

Outside your budget? – Consider these alternative options:

Wine cabinets built into joinery look spectacular and with the right shelves display wine bottles beautifully. They are easy to maintain and can be locked if in communal areas. If looking to provide residents with access to their own wine space, you can integrate a wine cabinet into apartment kitchens or living area.

Explore our range of wine cabinets here.

Our Wine Cellaring Consultants can help you find the best solution for your project.

Why MacPhee’s

Our team of wine cellar specialists has worked on hundreds of projects, incorporating wine spaces into new builds and converting unused areas in existing homes. We have created everything including understairs wine cellars, glass fronted wine walls, large walk-in wine cellars and private tasting rooms with space to entertain.

Here’s what some of our clients say about us:

“I have recently completed a custom built MacPhees cellar in my home, converting my old dining room into a temperature-controlled showcase for my wine. The process from design to construction was undertaken with utmost professionalism. The focus on getting the design right was very consultative, and Craig and Scott both developed an understanding of me and how I wanted to see and store my wine. The quality of the workmanship by Scott and his team far exceeded my expectations and every time I walk past my new cellar I can’t help but smile. Thanks guys.”

David M

“We are absolutely delighted with the end result!” His wife; “Thanks again for everything – Daryn was already in the cellar this morning filling it with wine.”

Daryn M
Roseville, NSW

“We cannot be happier with the quality of service and product provided by Eurocave, especially Mel Ross. She has guided me and my builder from preliminary construction process on how to position the Inoa machine efficiently until the end. The final result is amazing. The Inoa 25 is so powerful, but quiet. It reaches and maintains the desired temperature at all times. It is very low maintenance and beautifully designed. Mel has also organised a compliment post installation check to make sure my Inoa is properly and correctly installed. I recommend Eurocave to wine enthusiasts that care so much about their collection. Inoa is truly specifically designed/manufactured to preserve wine”

Dewi H

“We recently completed a residential cellar fitout with a Eurocave Inoa Cellar Conditioner. The team at Eurocave were exceptional in their knowledge and execution of the product and solution proposed. They were a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate in recommending Eurocave and MacPhees.”

Adam M

“‘Tania and the team were fantastic in all facets of my dealing with them, from the selection of the Inoa 25 cellar conditioner, through the design of the cellar and placement of the actual unit, to the options for racking and storage solutions. No questions was too difficult or “irrelevant” and they were always happy to talk through the options. The Inoa 25 unit itself is fantastic, keeping the cellar at the right temperature and humidity and was simple to install. The team were very helpful when talking about where the wall frame needed to be for securing the unit to the wall as I was constructing a stand alone cellar. Would absolutely recommend dealing with the team for all wine storage solutions.”

Erron P

“We recently completed a new internal wine cellar as part of a new home build. We purchased the Inoa Cellar Conditioner and wine racking from Tania and Craig. Their advice in choosing the most appropriate equipment, and their assistance to our builder during the installation process was greatly appreciated. The cellar looks amazing, thank you both.”

Gaile K

“The professional and extremely helpful team at MacPhee’s expertly delivered a professional and millimetre perfect Indi wine rack for our kitchen upgrade. Powder coat is flawless and packed in such a way that even the most enthusiastic courier couldn’t damage the contents! If you want it done right – use these guys!”

Roger A

Our Wine Cellar Design Process

Initial Consultation

This first step is a one-on-one call with one of our wine cellar specialists. Our goal is to understand your vision and how we can achieve it together. We’ll discuss what’s needed for your cellar build and how we can help throughout the process.

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initial consultation
Wine Cellar Digital Drawing Design

Concept & Design

We will bring your ideas to life on paper! Once our wine cellaring consultants have a good understanding of what you are looking to achieve (aesthetically and practically), they will brief our design team to develop concept drawings. This will help you visualize what the space will look like. We want you to feel inspired and excited about your wine space.

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Site Visit

When you engage our team on a custom cellar project, we sometimes find it helpful to meet you on site so that we can talk through plans for the space. Sometimes this meeting will include other parties working on the project such as architects or builders. We offer a national service and work on projects in every state within Australia.

site visit

Technical & Engineering Assessment

Your space needs to deliver the essential environmental conditions necessary for cellaring wine and that means that there are a lot of technical considerations. Our team will complete an engineering assessment of the space, recommend materials and evaluate heat load to select equipment with the necessary cooling capacity to ensure the cellar can perform its important task. Getting this right up front is very important to avoid costly rework down the track.


It’s all in the details! The space we design should bring you joy everyday. The fixtures, fittings and finishes that you select for your wine cellar design is a reflection of your style. We can recommend colours, lighting and materials as well as wine racking whether that be a modular system from our expansive range, or unique, custom designed joinery or metalwork.

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fixtures fittings and finishes


MacPhee’s is the exclusive distributor to the world leading brands including EuroCave, WhisperKool and Wine Guardian. Our wine cellar products are used and trusted by wineries, top hospitality venues, sommeliers, and wine lovers all over Australia.

At this stage we’ll recommend specifications for your wine cellar construction. We’ll provide a quotation which covers everything you will need from project management, to supplying and building your wine cellar.

Wine Racking

climate control

Climate Control

wine cabinets

Wine Cabinets

Wine Cellar Insulation Plasterboard


Building a Wine Cellar


MacPhee’s can project manage the entire wine cellar design for you. We offer a complete, seamless service with established partnerships with wine cellar builders and refrigeration installers as well as cabinet makers and glaziers. Building a wine cellar is very different to other refrigerated spaces in the home and requires a unique approach. Our team of trades can provide you specialised experience so that you can have peace of mind and focus on other things whilst your dream cellar comes to life. Please contact the team if you would like a cellar construction guide. 

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We work with clients right across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and everywhere in between.

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