Edge wine racking system offers modern style
combining black walnut timber with matte black pegs.


Edge wine racking is a simple yet stylish way to display your wine. A timber backing board
with black walnut finish is combined with matte black metal pegs for a contemporary aesthetic. Install multiple boards to create a truly striking wine wall of any scale.


Edge Wine Racking


Capacity: 12 bottles
H385mm x W360mm x D210mm

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  • Modern style with black walnut timber veneer and matte black pegs.
  • Wall mounted, easy to install.
  • Bottles are presented front on to maximise bottle capacity per square metre.
  • Simply select as many boards as needed to full your space.
  • When multiple boards are installed side by side, capacity per board increases. This is because bottles can also be positioned on the outer row of pegs on two separate boards. For example, the capacity of two boards is 28 bottles and the capacity of three boards is 44 bottles.
Edge Wine Racking

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