EuroCaveChampagne Cabinets
Luxuriously designed specifically for Champagne.

EuroCave Champagne Cabinets

The Champagne cabinet (or champagne fridge as it may be referred to) is the ultimate in cellaring or serving sparkling wines. Designed specifically to suit all shapes and sizes of Champagne and other sparkling wine bottles with a concave bottom, the cabinet ensures all bottles are kept at a precise temperature. Highlight your collection with features that include soft close shelves with Champagne coloured facias, unique bottle supports with custom-made leather cladding, or customise with a presentation shelf inspired by the Champagne ice bucket. This statement piece is an inspiring addition to a living space, restaurant or winery.

Small Cabinet


Large Cabinet


Large Cabinet (Presentation Shelf)

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Designed for Champagne
  • Bottle supports are suitable for all shapes and sizes of concave-bottom Champagne bottles, including magnums.
  • Unique patented design provides the ultimate protection of bottles while showcasing your collection.

Showcase Bottles
  • Illuminate your Champagne with a rotating, ice-bucket-inspired presentation shelf.
  • Unique glossy finishes and iridescent leather cladding make your Champagne shine.
  • Glossy black back panel creates visual depth and enhances cabinet lighting to draw attention to your wine collection.
  • Choice of amber, blue or red atmospheric lighting with three settings available.
Cellaring or Serving Options
  • Single Temperature cabinet
  • Set to 6°C to have Champagne and other sparkling wines at ideal serving temperature.
  • Set to 12°C for cellaring and aging your collection.
Custom Shelving Icon
Customise Shelving
  • Soft close sliding shelves with elegant stainless steel bottle supports that can be removed and added to suit your collection.
  • Sliding shelves can fit both magnum and standard bottle sizes.
  • Presentation carousel is available for either magnum or standard bottles (select when ordering).
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