EuroCaveCompact Wine Cabinets
Integrate seamlessly into standard joinery

Eurocave Compact Wine Integrated Cabinets

Compact wine cabinets (or wine fridges as they are often referred to) can be fully integrated into joinery for a streamlined look. Designed to fit into kitchen cabinetry, a bar area the dining room, or as an impressive addition to a boardroom or office. These cabinets are perfect for those who want a wine storage solution to coordinate with cabinetry and provide a cohesive look within the home.


Under Bench Cabinet

EuroCave Compact large Wine Cabinet

Large Cabinet

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Fully Integrated
  • Cabinets are a slimmer width so that they can be built into standard sized joinery.
  • Select from a full glass door to have your bottles on show, or a fully integrated door to conceal your wine cabinet behind joinery.
  • Front venting design to allow a tighter fit into joinery and reduce the need for ventilation.
  • Flush Fitting diagrams provide instructions to builders or request our 3D drawings to assist in the design stage.
Fits Under Bench
  • Smaller wine cabinet is designed to fit under bench (standard height) in the kitchen or bar.
Cellaring or Serving Options
  • Single Temperature cabinet – ideal for cellaring all wine varietals.
  • Multi Temperature cabinet – keep all wine varietals close at hand at ideal drinking temperature.
Energy Efficient
  • Consume up to 67% less energy than traditional cabinets making them gentle on the environment and economical to run.
  • Glass doors are double glazed, argon gas filled and UV protected so that all door options achieve an “A” energy rating.
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