EuroCave Pure Wine Cabinets
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EuroCave Pure Wine Cabinets

Our most popular range of wine cabinets (or wine fridges as they are often referred to), offering a variety of options and high energy efficiency. Pure wine cabinets combine the latest in technology, premium quality components, clever design and a respect for our environment. A choice of finishes and features provides you with the ability to customise your cabinet to suit you and your wine collection.

Small Cabinet


Medium Cabinet


Large Cabinet


Large Dual Cabinet

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3 Temperature Options
  • Single Temperature Cabinet – ideal for cellaring all wine varietals.
  • Dual Zone Cabinet – ideal for keeping red and white wine at serving temperature.
  • Multi Temperature Cabinet – keep all wine varietals ready to serve at ideal drinking temperature.
Energy Efficient
  • Consume up to 67% less energy than traditional cabinets making them gentle on the environment and economical to run.
  • Your choice of a beautiful seamless glass door: double glazed, argon gas filled, UV protected (“A” energy rating) or black piano door (“A+” energy rating).
Customise Shelving
  • Roller mounted shelves with unique “Main du Sommelier” supports provide easy access to bottles and protect your wine by minimising vibrations.
  • The distance between shelves allows for wider shaped 750ml bottles which are becoming increasingly popular with winemakers, avoiding the risk of label scratching.
  • A range of shelves are available giving you the ability to configure the cabinet to suit your wine collection.
Can be Built-in
  • Create a stunning wine wall by building one or multiple wine cabinets into joinery.
  • Flush Fitting diagrams provide instructions to builders or request our 3D drawings to assist in the design stage.
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