EuroCaveRoyale Wine Cabinet
Ultimate precision to protect your wine’s integrity

EuroCave Royale Wine Cabinets

This wine cabinet offers unprecedented precision when it comes to protecting your wine over time. Designed after significant research and development investment, Royale creates the perfect environmental conditions for cellaring, making it the perfect choice for collectors serious about protecting the integrity of their wine. Sophisticated styling to complement your home and a numbered plate which identifies your unique cabinet.

EuroCave Royale best wine cabinet

Royale Cellaring Cabinet

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Ultimate Precision
  • Temperature control – Delivers constant ideal cellaring temperature of 120C with precise temperate regulation restricting variation to within a +/- 0.50C tolerance.
  • Hygrometry control – Optimal, stable hygrometry of 70% is delivered through hygrometry regulation tank “hygrocontrol” patented system. Humidification and dehumidification systems initiate when hygrometry is too low (to increase humidity and avoid wine oxidation) and the compressor provides a short cooling cycle when humidity is too high (dehumidifying cabinet to avoid mould on the corks or labels coming off).
  • Air quality control – Optimised circulation and clean air delivered with new generation charcoal filter which traps organic volatile compounds reducing odours and toxicity. These are reduced 50% after one month and 70% after three months of use.
  • Protection from UV – Triple glazed argon gas filled doors filter over 99% of UV rays. This avoids wine oxidation effects, modification of the wine structure and destruction of the molecules which can all adversely affect the taste of wine.
  • Reduced vibrations – Independent research confirms that vibration frequencies in EuroCave wine cabinets are six times lower than in a competitor’s wine cabinet when filled with bottles. Vibrations are reduced thanks to shock-absorbing feet and unique structure of the cabinet. The Compressor is isolated from the cabinet and mounted on silent blocks to avoid vibration transmission and the evaporator is embedded in polyurethane foam. Shelves do no not touch the rear wall and their soft close mechanism protects bottles from impact. The “Main du Sommelier” supports provides further protection to all bottle types.
  • Security – Alarms provided for open door, sensor fault, temperature fault, hygrometry fault, hygrometry tank needs filling, charcoal filter replacement. Locking system to protect your wine collection.
Luxurious Lighting
  • Bottles are dramatically displayed with independent lighting positioned under each shelf.
  • Three levels of intensity available so you can choose to have lights bathing bottles in soft amber light, permanently off or only operating when opening door.
Label View Shelving
  • Black tinted ash wood shelving facias with 6 removable bottle identifiers per shelf.
  • Premium “Mains du Sommeliers” orientate bottles so that labels are visible from outside of cabinet and accommodate all bottle types including an option for Magnums.
Energy Efficient
  • “A” energy rating with triple glazed argon gas filled door.
  • Consumes up to 67% less energy than traditional cabinets making them gentle on the environment and economical to run
Can be built in
  • Create a stunning wine wall by building one or multiple wine cabinets into joinery.
  • Flush Fitting diagrams provide instructions to builders or request our 3D drawings to assist in the design stage.
Custom Colours
  • Your choice of 13 sophisticated cladding panel colours.
  • Stylish side panels and back panel for installation in the middle of the living space.
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