EuroCaveShowCave Wine Cabinets
Statement piece to showcase your wine collection

EuroCave ShowCave Wine Cabinets

A truly impressive statement piece with contemporary design cues to showcase your precious wine collection. ShowCave is designed to highlight your finest wine, with unique Main du Sommelier bottle supports that can be easily changed from storage to presentation configurations. Wall lighting and the reflective back panel gently diffuses light to bathe bottles in soft amber light for a sophisticated aesthetic.

EuroCave ShowCave Single Door Wine Cabinet

Single Door

EuroCave ShowCave Double Door Wine Cabinet

Double Door

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Showcases Bottles
  • Luxurious lighting, a reflective back panel and flexible shelving make your wine collection the hero of this wine cabinet.
Luxurious Lighting
  • Amber LED lights (UV free) are positioned along the walls for full cabinet lighting and a unique reflective back panel gently diffuses lighting to showcase wine bottles.
Label View Shelving
  • Unique Main du Sommelier supports allow you to present wine bottles on an angle so that labels are visible from outside of the cabinet.
  • Multiple bottle angles available to showcase labels (or lie bottles down to maximise capacity).
  • Bottle orientation can be easily changed between the options.
Can be built in
  • Create a stunning wine wall by building one or multiple wine cabinets into joinery.
  • Flush Fitting diagrams provide instructions to builders or request our 3D drawings to assist in the design stage.
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