Depending on the size of your wine collection, keeping it organised and orderly in your wine cabinet, racks or cellar makes for a less frustrating experience when the time comes to select a bottle to match an occasion. Perhaps even more importantly, it ensures that you have maximine enjoyment out of each bottle you collect as it is cellared and savored at the optimal time.

So how do you sort your wine and keep track of it? Whilst there are elaborate systems and applications for this, a few simple suggestions can help. Here are a couple to consider…

Divide by cellaring required… Think about dividing your wine collection into smaller categories of “Drink Now”, “Short Term” cellaring (1-2 years) and “Longer Term” cellaring (don’t touch – if you can – for several years).

This offers the advantage of ensuring you drink wine at the appropriate time. Say for example you buy 6 bottles of a short to medium term wine (drink now to 5 years). Hide a couple of bottles in the long term section in your wine cabinet or cellar then allocate the rest to the short term cellaring section. There is nothing better than a cheeky red that has 3-5 years on it that wasn’t expensive, such as a French Cote Du Rhone red, a second label from an iconic winery or another little gem.

Divide by varietal…

Allocation by variety works well so that you can easily find the style of wine you are seeking. Youcan try categorising into Sparkling, Aromatic whites, Chardonnays then move onto onto Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet and so on.

Consider how to divide your collection depending on how much wine you have, your preferred varietals and whether you have much imported wine as well as Australian bottles. This simple method also allows you to see gaps easily so you know what needs a “top up”.

The real joy of collecting wine comes from the interesting surprises (and sadly some disappointments) that come from patience and cellaring your bottles properly.

Enjoy the moments and may you have many…

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