Under-stairs Wine Cellar

Vintage View Wine Racking
WhisperKool Extreme Through the Wall System

Alpha Building Construction

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This project was built by the team at Alpha Building and Constructions in Queensland. This architectural gem stands as a testament to refined elegance and impeccable design.

This under-the-stair wine cellar is a superb architectural feature that visually stuns while making practical use of the space. Set with all the right specifications and equipment to ensure this client’s wine collection matures gracefully and can be enjoyed at full potential, as the wine maker intended. Magic!

To create a similar, functional space, we recommend following correct cellar guidelines, then looking at a climate control system, proper insulation, and staggered wine racking. This client used a WhisperKool Extreme Through the Wall unit paired with wall-mounted Vintage View racking for a minimal, sleek look. For a more comprehensive look at building a wine cellar, check out our Custom Cellar Services Page.

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