Under Bench Wine Cabinets at Longitude 131˚

EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinet

Architect: Max Pritchard
Photography: George Apostolidis

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Baillie Lodges has reinvented an icon with a three-stage multimillion dollar transformation led by award-winning South Australian architect Max Pritchard.Nestled among ancient dunes, Longitude 131° is a gathering of sixteen tented pavilions designed to offer both luxurious sanctuary and a profound sense of place.

Architecturally designed as a modern interpretation of the Australian homestead, the Pavilion is considered the star of the luxury camp. Offering separate living and sleeping areas featuring custom furnishings and artworks commissioned from local artists, outdoor deck with daybed, fireplace and the ultimate in desert style: a private plunge pool overlooking the outback frontier, for a personal nature-meets-luxury experience.

At Longitude 131°, the team goes above and beyond to ensure that guests have an unparalleled experience.That includes a fantastic wine list with a focus on Australian fine wines. Whether guests are dining in the elegant restaurant or relaxing in their accommodations, EuroCave’s wine cabinets stand ready to deliver the perfect glass. The Compact multi-temp cabinets keep any varietal at ready to drink temperatures.

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