“The Cellar” at Dan Murphy’s Lane Cove

Wine Guardian Ducted Climate Control
Modulo-X Wine Racking

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Dan Murphy’s Lane Cove

Dan Murphy’s is creating a new and exciting style of premium store. Unveiled as ‘The Cellar’ in Dan Murphy’s Lane Cove, it features climate controlled rooms to both display and protect its most valuable bottles of wine.

MacPhee’s worked with Dan Murphy’s, specifying and supplying the necessary cooling systems as well as providing the technical and engineering expertise and advice needed to ensure that the space would effectively maintain a consistent temperature over time.

The fit out includes the elegant Eurocave Modulo-X racking system. This system is the perfect choice as it is uniquely configured with a range of shelving to showcase bottles in up to four different orientations. Double glazed doors by Thermal Wineroom ensures the wine is on show, allowing customers to browse the range. Integrated backlighting creates a sophisticated mood and alleviates the need for separate lighting.

If you are interested in building a wine cellar, check out our custom cellars page. MacPhee’s are experts in all things wine cellar construction and we’re ready to help in any way we can.


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