Luxury Residential Development Double-Sided Wine Walls

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luxury residential development Double Sided wine walls

This residential development is its own extraordinary world. With luxury residences that all feature waterfront views gazing out over the horizon, walking in feels dreamlike.

Be welcomed into the expansive foyer with an enticing view of two double-sided wine walls. Featuring Vintage View 3-bottle deep wine racking, the racking stores a large collection of wines showcasing labels to residents.

Stepping through the door to the dining space unveils another two double-sided wine walls, creating an impressive corridor of wine all available for guests to enjoy. Each wine wall is individually climate controlled with a Wine Guardian split system, entirely concealed in bulkheads with only inconspicuous grilles visible on the ceiling. Two are optimised for cellaring wines, while the other two are set to the ideal temperature for drinking wines, one for reds and the other cooler for whites, all enhancing the luxury experience for residents. This wine cellar design was a custom project lead by MacPhee’s. If you are interested in building a wine cellar, check out our custom cellars page.

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