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Shaynna Blaze is an award-winning interior designer, author, business owner and television personality. She shares a love for wine with her adult children and together they renovated their dream family home. When Shaynna approached MacPhee’s with her idea to add wine storage to her home, our cellaring experts knew exactly what to recommended – the EuroCave Tête à Tête wine cabinet and preserver, the perfect addition for those who love to entertain, and the Revelation wine cabinet was the obvious choice to include in the visually striking garage bar.

The Revelation has luxurious features such as full cabinet lighting which bathes wine bottles in soft amber light, unique, soft close shelves with individual “Main du Sommelier” bottle supports and beautiful light oak facias as well as the option to showcase special bottles as Shaynna has done.

This wine cabinet cares for the bulk of Shaynna’s wine collection, protecting it for the longer term. It is perfectly complemented by the Tête à Tête in her kitchen which keeps a few bottles of red, white and bubbly ready to enjoy close to living spaces and at ideal drinking temperature. This petite-sized multi-temperature wine cabinet stores up to 12 bottles and can even preserve two bottles that have been opened.

Congratulations Shaynna on creating the perfect wine spaces in your beautiful new home!

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