Guest Suites at Brae Restaurant

Tete a Tete Wine Cabinets

Architect: Six Degrees
Photography: Trevor Mein

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Led by chef Dan Hunter, Brae is aaward-winning restaurant, organic farm and boutique accommodation nestled in a hillside in the Otways hinterland. With a focus on creating an experience that complements the surrounding landscape, the experience never fails to impress. Each of the six suites – designed by Six Degrees Architects – are carbon neutral, producing more energy than they consume.

Brae’s attention to detail is outstanding and adding French made wine cabinets into each of their guest suites allows them to extend the immersive, relaxing experience during their stay. The petite size of the EuroCaveTete a Tete wine cabinet makes it the perfect addition to a small space. The cabinet is multi-temperature so that guests can enjoy a glass of red or white wine at ideal serving temperature in their room.

Learn more about how the Tete a Tete is the perfect addition to your space with the ability to store up to 10 wine bottles and preserve two open bottles.

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