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“The factor which probably has the single greatest effect on how a wine tastes, however, is temperature, and this is a factor which can be controlled by whoever is serving. In practice many white wines are served too cool and many red wines dangerously warm.”

 – Jancis Robinson

Serve and store wine at perfect temperatures

What is the best temperature to serve wine?

It may sound simple, but most wine experts agree the single most important factor affecting our wine enjoyment is serving temperature.

Unfortunately, people often make the mistake of drinking white wines straight from the fridge (at 5℃), which is too cold and red wines at room temperature (anywhere between 20-30℃) which is too warm. Some restaurants serve their whites and reds at these temperatures too!

When white wine is too cold it doesn’t allow the flavours and aromatics to show to their full potential, and acidity can take over so you cannot taste the nuances of the wine. And when a red is too warm the alcohol shows too aggressively, and the wine can blow out and become imbalanced.

So, what is the best temperature to serve wine? Well, it depends on the variertal. Ideal serving or drinking temperatures for each wine type are listed below.

Okay, so should white wine and red wine be STORED or CELLARED at different temperatures too? The answer is most definitely NO. All wine, regardless if its varietal, should be stored or cellared at the exact same temperature. A consistent storage temperature of 14℃ will allow slow, graceful maturation and will yield great rewards, as you will enjoy your wine exactly as the wine maker intended.

Wine Variety

Storage Temperature

Drinking Temperature

Cabernet / Shiraz



Pinot Noir









Sauvignon Blanc






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