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WhisperKOOL Extreme ducted unit
creates a streamlined look in your cellar.

WhisperKOOL Extreme Ducted UNIT

Self-contained cooling unit that can be partially or fully ducted with only grilles visible in the cellar.

This ducted climate control unit sits in an adjacent space to the cellar, or can be ducted further away to a well-ventilated area, or outside. An external grille is available when ducting through an external wall. Available in 3 sizes, with a control panel that can be placed up to 15m from the unit, this cooling unit is an ideal solution for maximising space available for wine and racking in your cellar.

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Our team can review your floorplans and offer customised advice. We can specify the correct equipment, advise on positioning, ducting and insulation as well as assist with all technical aspects of designing and building a cellar.

Model Cooling Capacity Dimensions Weight
3500 tiR 603 Watts L1003mm x W362mm x H572mm 52.2kg
5000 tiR 830 Watts L1003mm x W362mm x H572mm 52.2kg
8000 tiR 1085 Watts L1003mm x W362mm x H660mm 68.0kg


  • Suitable for small – medium walk in cellars (22 – 56m3)*
  • Self-contained unit that is easy to install.
  • Fully ducted with only grilles visible in cellar allowing more space for racking and other fixtures..
  • Exterior grille available for when ducting through an external wall.
  • Remote control panel connected via cable able to be placed inside or outside of the cellar.
  • 2 speed fan switch.
  • Quiet and efficient operation.
  • Operates in external temperatures up to 43°C
  • Advanced electronic display system.

*Depending on head load assessment which takes take into account construction materials and other cellar inclusions.

Bottle probe application for accurate temperature

Ducted installation

Owners Manuals

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