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WhisperKOOL Platinum split system
in wall mount or ducted configurations.


Split system climate control available in wall mount or ducted configurations.

This is a wine cellar refrigeration split system with flexibility. The Evaporator can either be mounted on the wall of the cellar for a ductless installation, or be ducted to a more remote position up to 7.5m away from the cellar. The Condenser is positioned (usually outside) up to 30m away from Evaporator connected with refrigeration piping. The Mini Platinum Split System offers a compact solution for smaller cellars whilst the Platinum 8000 Split System is ideal for larger cellars.

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Our team can review your floorplans and offer customised advice. We can specify the correct equipment, advise on positioning, ducting and insulation as well as assist with all technical aspects of designing and building a cellar.

Model Cooling Capacity Dimensions Weight Dimensions Weight
Mini Wall Mount 670 Watts L331 x W508 x H267mm 15.0kg L792 x W273 x H538mm 23.1kg
8000 Wall Mount 1340 Watts L409 x W521 x H394mm 24.5kg L792 x W273 x H538mm 25.4 kg
8000 Fully Ducted 1300 Watts L508 x W521 x H394mm 25.4kg L792 x W273 x H538mm 25.4 kg
  • Suitable for most small to medium cellars (14 – 49m3)*
  • Evaporator is either wall mounted in cellar (ductless) or ducted to the cellar (8000 model only), allowing it to be concealed in the ceiling or bulkhead taking up no space in the cellar. 
  • 2 speed fan switch.
  • Ultra quiet and efficient operation.
  • Advanced electronic display system with cable.
  • Thermostat utilises bottle probe for accurate liquid temperature measurement.
  • 24v thermostat option for Smart Home integration.
  • Condenser coil with protective coating to resist salt erosion.

*Depending on head load assessment which takes take into account construction materials and other cellar inclusions.

Whisperkool Platinum

Ducted Split System

Wall Mounted Split System

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