Wine Guardian wine cellar split system climate control
with no ducting for the ultimately flexibility.


These wine cellar split systems require minimal ducting close to your wine cellar
space, offering the ultimate flexibility in climate control.

The smaller “evaporating unit” can be placed anywhere up to 8m away from cellar.
The “condensing unit” can be placed anywhere in the home or outside, connected
via refrigerant piping only. Suitable for commercial and residential wine cellars.

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Wine Guardian Split System Climate Control

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Our team can review your floorplans and offer customised advice. We can specify the correct equipment, advise on positioning, ducting and insulation as well as assist with all technical aspects of designing and building a cellar.

Model Cooling Capacity Dimensions Weight Dimensions Weight
WGS40 835 Watts L544 x W422 x H395 mm 16kg L864 x W229 x H638 mm 26kg
WGS75 1,310 Watts L610 x W568 x H480 mm 24Kg L864 x W312 x H660 mm 34kg
WGS100 2,110 Watts L610 x W568 x H480 mm 25kg L864 x W312 x H660 mm 44kg
WGS175 2,880 Watts L610 x W568 x H480 mm 31kg L864 x W305 x H660mm 54kg
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  • Suitable for cellars 4m3 – 175m3 *.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium construction.
  • Remote user interface control system.
  • Quietest wine cellar refrigeration split system.
  • Cooling Only and Heating & Cooling models available.
  • Option of Integrated Humidifier.
Ducted Split Application
Wine-Guardian-CellaDucted Ductless Spit Systems
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