Vintage View Wine Racking

  • Powder coated steel or chrome
  • Wall mounted or free standing
  • Showcase wine with labels visible

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Bordex Wine Racking

  • Natural hardwood & steel
  • Many different options
  • Perfect for unusual spaces

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Indi Wine Racking

Indi Wine Racking

  • Galvanised or powder coated steel
  • Range of sizes and designs
  • Perfect to create industrial look

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Millseime Wine Racking by Macphees

Millesime Wine Racking

  • Customise with endless configurations to display bottles or provide bulk storage.
  • Anodised or black steel with solid walnut.

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Liquid Systems Wine Racking by Macphees

Liquid Systems Wine Racking

  • 13 stunning colours available
  • Wall mounted or free standing
  • Create a striking wine display

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Display Wine Racking Double Sided Cradle by Macphees

Display Wine Double Sided Cradle

  • Bottles front on to maximise capacity.
  • Black powder-coated metal.
  • Install multiple units for max impact.

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Display Wine Floating Cradles

  • Display bottles with labels visible.
  • Black powder-coated metal.
  • Attach multiple units for max impact.

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EuroCave Modulosteel

  • Powder coated steel
  • Easy to assemble and customise
  • Individual cradles to display bottles

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Modulocube Wine Racking System

EuroCave Modulocube

  • Solid beech timber
  • Easy to assemble and customise
  • Choose to stack or shelve bottles

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Modulotheque Wine Racking System

EuroCave Modulotheque

  • French oak
  • Endless configurations allows customisation
  • Creates a stunning cellar

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EuroCave Modulorack

  • Metal frame & wood shelf
  • Roller mounted sliding tray system
  • Showcase wine in original wooden cases

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Selecting Wine Racking for your Cellar

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Selecting Wine Racking For Your Cellar

Designing or Building a wine cellar

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Designing or Building a Cellar

At MacPhee’s we take the utmost pride and care for the creation of a suitable racking solution to suit your home or business needs.  A range of racks can be wall mounted, freestanding or installed floor to ceiling.

Our products are made from the finest materials and are always designed to create a sleek and elegant atheistic in your wine cellar.  When you choose MacPhee’s to store and display your collection, you are choosing to keep it at its finest quality.

Our wide range includes options to create various looks and to address practical needs.  Our range includes metal and wooden wine racks as well as others that combine the two or use other materials.  We also have racking solutions that can be installed floor to ceiling, in the middle of a room, or near a window, as well as freestanding options.

Metal wine racks

If you are looking for a metal finish, it is worth browsing the following ranges:

Vintage View racks present bottles horizontally with labels visible, providing a striking display.  This racking system can be wall mounted or installed floor to ceiling or positioned freestanding.

Indi racks provide a modern industrial look.  This design comes in galvanised or powder coated steel in a range of sizes as well as the option to customise to almost size.

EuroCave modulsteel is a top of the range, premium steel wine racking system.  MacPhee’s will work with you in customising its layout for your cellar.

Wooden wine racks

If you are looking for wooden wine racks then check out the following ranges:

Modularack is built from natural or stained plantation timber.  It is super easy to assemble and its possible to dismantle and reassemble for relocation. Form and function are beautifully combined.

EuroCave Modulocube is made from solid beech timber and can be assembled with shelving for easy access to bottles or without shelving (for stacking wine).

EuroCave Modulotheque is made from beautiful French oak.  This does more than store wine, it is a piece of beautiful furniture with a multitude of configurations.  Creates the most stunning cellar that you’ll never want to leave.

Combination options

Other racking options or combinations in our range include:

Bordex is a beautiful, traditional combination of natural hardwood and steel. Freestanding and extremely versatile, perfect for fitting into unusual spaces.

CellarStak racks are constructed of polymer pockets that can be assembled to fit even the most awkward of spaces.  Available in three colours this is easy to assemble and a very practical option.

EuroCave Modulorack combines metal and timber with roller mounted sliding tray system.  Allows you to store wine in its original box.

If you have something completely different in mind, please contact us as we can help design and bring to life your dream cellar!