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Wine Services

We know there is nothing better than discovering a thrilling wine that really brings some magic.
MacPhee’s is a business born out of a passion for wine and a desire to create wonderful wine
memories for our clients. Helping to properly take care of your wine to deliver optimal drinking
pleasure is one thing (which we do exceptionally well!), but did you know we can also build your
wine collection into something really special?

Here’s what we can do.

Wine Alerts

MacPhee’s Wine Alerts provide the opportunity to purchase a curated selection of fine wines, supported with
critical praise as well as our own genuine opinions – we only support wines we have a real passion for.

With years of experience in the industry, our team has unparalleled access to highly sought-after wines via
an extensive network of leading Australian wineries, distributors and importers. Each Wine Alert presents wines that
we believe offer the best drinking and cellaring experiences in the market across various price points, providing the
chance to discover new wines and to build your wine collection into something quite special over time.


Personalised Consultation Service

We are also able to offer a more personalised service for clients who are purchasing wine regularly, seeking
those harder to find bottles (that often don’t see the light of day), or looking to elevate their wine collection
into something quite exceptional. If a more tailored service is something you are interested in, please
contact one of the following from our fine wine team.

Craig, Director of Macphee’s
Marcus, Head of Fine Wine
Martin, Fine Wine Advisor

Wine Events

We have an exciting program of exclusive Wine Events that run Australia wide.
The events offer a wonderful opportunity to meet our team, taste wine and importantly, learn from key winemakers,
importers and other experts in the world of fine wine. Of course there is always the opportunity to purchase what
you taste. Our events range from larger scale experiences to small intimate affairs where numbers are
often limited. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about upcoming events.

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